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Terms of Use


All information published on this site ( and all of its related sites) is intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. By using or viewing content, ordering a product or service of any kind, and/or downloading content from this website ("Dark Scarab") you agree to the following terms of use.


Dark Scarab is the copyright owner of any content that is not uploaded by users of the site, unless otherwise specified. You are not to distribute, modify, or sell or otherwise use this content unless given permission to do so by Dark Scarab.

Dark Scarab does not claim the copyright of any content uploaded by users of the site, however, users who upload content to Dark Scarab provide Dark Scarab a royalty-free license to reproduce, distribute, re-format, store, prepare derivative works based on, and publicly display and perform their content.

Should you upload content to Dark Scarab you must be the original creator or have written permission from the original creator in order to upload it to Dark Scarab. Any persons on this site suspected of violating copyrights will be investigated, banned from the site and all of its links, and/or prosecuted legally.

Commercial Use

Using Dark Scarab for the sole purpose of promoting a product or service for personal gain (eg. spamming) is not allowed. Using Dark Scarab in such a manner is misuse of the services provided. Any content that fits under this description will be removed and will result in banning from any or all parts of the site without warning.


By using Dark Scarab you agree to the following set of behavioral codes.

  1. Be supportive! We want to create a community that thrives on helpful critiques, comments, and suggestions. If you think you have a way to help someone improve on their work, say it!
  2. Be kind and courteous! You know how the saying goes: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say it at all. We want to be welcoming and supportive place and that can't happen if we aren't kind and courteous to others.
  3. No offensive or inappropriate material. This includes things like swearing, racism, sexism, hate driven words, or comments or posts that may make someone feel unwelcome or uncomfortable. In general, if you wouldn't say it to someone's face "in real life", then don't say it or show it here please!
  4. Do not post unsafe content. Uploading, posting, or linking to unsafe files (ex. viruses and malware) isn't allowed. Nor is hacking into someone's account or invading someone's privacy.
  5. No spamming, no unwanted advertising. Does it really need to be said? If you post spam, you're going to get banned.
  6. Argue elsewhere. This means no flame wars, fights and arguments, political battles, or other negative arguments that no one wants to see. We want to build a supportive community and that means tolerating some opinions that you may not agree with.


All users understand this site does not in any way offer financial, legal, or medical advice. All users also agree to have their IP address obtained by when they visit the site only as a means to keep track of offensive behavior. This information will not be disclosed to third parties. All users of this site are assumed to agree with the above mentioned terms and conditions. If a user does not agree to any of the terms and/or conditions listed above, they should stop using the site ( at once. Any user that disobeys these terms and conditions will be held responsible.


All content on this website is provided "as is" WITHOUT ANY GUARANTEE OR WARRANTEE WHATSOEVER. Any damages of any kind caused by your use or inability to use this website or by any of the content that is purchased, downloaded, or viewed from this site will be repaired at your own cost. Dark Scarab is not responsible for any damages of this nature. Dark Scarab also does not guarantee that the site will be error free or run without any interruptions whatsoever. Any problems or damages that may or may not occur from an error or interruption on this website are not at the fault of Dark Scarab. Furthermore, Dark Scarab is not liable for any errors encountered in anything that you purchase, download, or view on this website.

Clicking on any third party links on this website is at your own risk. A third party link is any link that would cause you, the user, to leave the Dark Scarab website and go to another. By clicking on a link of this nature you are subject to the third party's terms of service. Dark Scarab is not at fault for any damages caused by clicking on any third party link on this website. Furthermore, Dark Scarab is not at fault for any problems or damages you may or may not encounter on any third party website. This includes but is not limited to any viruses, bugs, errors, Trojan horses, or spyware that could damage your computer.

Dark Scarab is also not responsible for and does not endorse anything placed on this site by a third party. Anything offensive or damaging on this site posted by a third party is not at the fault of Dark Scarab. Third party posts are property of the third party and you may not use, copy, download, redistribute, sell, or use for your own profit without the expressed consent of the owner of the property. Post information at your own risk. Dark Scarab is not responsible for any information you or a third party posts on this website.


Dark Scarab has the right to change, add, remove, or modify any part of these Terms and Conditions or the Privacy Policy. It is up to you, the user of this website to regularly return to this page to review these Terms and Conditions for any possible changes or modifications. Dark Scarab is not required to inform you or anyone of any changes made to this agreement. Dark Scarab also has the right to change, add, remove, or modify any features or content of this website with or without notice. Dark Scarab is not at fault for any damages incurred by changes or modifications to this website.