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A Tragedy In Cubeworld

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  •  spartan-001 / 1294 / AA
    I've pretty much posted most of the stuff that is good so far. I'll try to post more stuff as I make it.
  •  anonymous / 39 / rookie
    I have to say, it makes a pretty sweet desktop background :)
  •  spartan-001 / 1294 / AA
    I do a lot of different stuff. This is just one of the many things I've made. Most of it hasn't gotten past indistinct gray shapes :P, but some of it really takes off.
  •  spartan-001 / 1294 / AA
    I made the day before yesterday, actually. One of my friends liked it so much they used it as their desktop. I knew there was a reason for rendering it in HD. :P
  •  spartan-001 / 1294 / AA
    Something like a half hour or so. Took me longer to render with Yaf(a)ray.