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Tanker In Troubled Waters

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  •  spartan-001 / 1294 / AA
    Yeah, I had the same problem with refreshing. You need to post that animation. It's really good and I think the other people here would like it. If not for the content, for the animation.
  •  anonymous / 39 / rookie
    Thanks. I can't take all the credit for this one though. It was me and a few other people, this is just one frame out of a little animation we made. Took like an hour to render on a laptop though
  •  dictator-for-life / 554 / A+
    Yes indeed, looks very nice.
  •  spartan-001 / 1294 / AA
    Someday I hope to achieve results like this in Max. You're gonna have to help me learn Max.
  •  spartan-001 / 1294 / AA
    Very cool.