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A Day at the Park in Cubeworld

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  •  anonymous / 39 / rookie
    Oh crap, I haven't had time to perfect my blender zombie plan yet... To the 3DS cave!

    Ya, I need to get a copy of windows for my comp, I can't run Max on linux :(
  •  spartan-001 / 1294 / AA
    Thanks, Dictator. My computer needs more everything :P
  •  dictator-for-life / 554 / A+
    I like it. As for Carpenma, "one of us, one of us, one of.." We'll probably get him yet :) My computer needs more RAM.
  •  anonymous / 39 / rookie
    Didn't just get, just BUILT, lol. Ya, good luck w/ that...
  •  spartan-001 / 1294 / AA
    Thanks Matt. Matt renders a lot of my more recent stuff on his computer, because I don't have a very good computer and he just got a new computer. I make stuff, and he renders it for me. I'm trying to convert him to Blender, but he refuses so far.
  •  anonymous / 39 / rookie
    Hey! I rendered that! Looks pretty sweet by the way, nice modeling