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  •  spartan-001 / 1294 / AA
    Very nice. I like the realism, and the only thing I would change is the textures for the wood, but that's not a big deal. Nice work!
  •  spartan-001 / 1294 / AA
    The grainy look is one of the downfalls of using Luxrender. It can take several days to refine a render to the point where the noise is gone or not noticeable. However, if you'll look at some pictures taken with lower quality cameras, you'll see that some of the same noise is present in those pictures as well.
  •  nismo / 405 / A
    Thanks. Luxrender is an unbiased renderer along the lines of Indigo
  •  sazex / 265 / A
    Very Nice and realistic!
    If it wasn't for that grainy stuff,
    itd probably be really realistic,
    hey, whats Luxrender anyways?