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The Present and the Future

Blender 3d article

As some of you may have noticed at this point, the site has undergone a major upgrade. The design is brand new and site is adjusting it\'s course just a bit. In the beginning, way back in 2008, the site was about me. Me me me. I had my images, my animations, my tutorials, it was my website. How narcissistic of me.

Now I want to swing things a bit away from that. At this moment, the site is more about me than it was a few days ago (So far so good, right?). However, there is plenty to look forward to. Pretty much all of the new features have come from the wonderful people who come back day in and day out despite how quiet it can be for weeks at a time. I give you guys credit for that.

So, what are these new features? Well, here is the current lineup:

Community Gallery: Yes, not just the occasional posting of one of my mediocre 3D renderings anymore. Those who have become a part of the forum and have gotten to know us a bit will be allowed to post their completed images in a gallery that everyone can see. It\'s not up quite yet, but it will be soon.

Links List: This one is already up in the references section of the site. The forum has had a list of useful places to go to, with Blender sites as the focus, but with other useful locales for animators and renderers in general. This is intended to be constantly changing so there is always a good list available. You can check that out here.

Model Database: While I know there are a couple of places for finding free models, it was expressed by the members of DS that we should have one as well. So, that is in the works too. This is another feature that should be ready soon.

Social Networking: In the past, people have suggested I get more connected to the social networks. So, I decided for the new version of DS that I would at the very least make available many sharing capabilities as well as a couple of ways (RSS, Facebook, and Twitter) that followers of the site can use to keep tabs on the site.

I also have a handful of minor things I need to do to the features that are currently on the site but those four are the bulk of what I have for this new version. Hope you guys approve!




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