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Future Blender Book Reviews

Blender 3d article

So, I just got my virtual hands on a couple of e-books today from PacktPub and just like the last book I got about a month or two ago, I will be writing a review on them as soon as I finish each one. Anyways, here\'s a little preview into the books I will be reading here shortly.


The first e-book I\'m going to read is called Blender 2.5 Character Animation Cookbook and it\'s by Virgilio Vasconcelos, you may have seen a few animations by him. Just like the last book that I got, this one is a cookbook, which I really like because I don\'t really like ungodly long tutorials. And rather than rehashing what has already been done, here\'s a quick rundown of what I will be learning according to the site:

  • Refine your animation with Blender tools
  • Understand principles behind movements like walking, running, jumping and weight lifting
  • Stay productive with an organized animation workflow
  • Create flexible face rigs with a mixed approach
  • Learn how to stretch the arms, legs and spine of your characters
  • Create corrective shape keys
  • Fine control your character\'s eyes
  • Switching between IK and FK for arms and legs in a shot
  • Create an IK foot setup with 3 pivots
  • How to track your animation arcs and timing

The second e-book is called Blender 2.5 HOTSHOT by John E. HerreƱo. This one is not a cookbook, but I still really like what I see in the summary. From what I can tell, it looks like each chapter is it\'s only project and you go through all of the steps it takes, such as the modeling, animating, materials, shading, compositing and so on and it does different types of scenes. Personally, I\'m looking forward to the architectural rendering the most. Here\'s what I am told I\'ll learn in this one:

  • Complex shading techniques, including the usage of the material\'s node system.
  • Combine computer generated images with live footage using compositing techniques.
  • Basic methodology for creating an armature, setting it up, skinning a model and animating it.
  • Useful tools, along with some tips and tricks for architectural rendering.
  • Smart and powerful usage of procedural textures.
  • Improve the final result of your renders with the compositing system.
  • Set up configuration and code for the Blender Game Engine, such as logic bricks and Python scripts.
  • Reuse data from external .blend files by means of the library system.

Anyone else already get your hands on these books? I\'m curious as to what anyone thinks beforehand.

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