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DS Community Project

Blender 3d article

I recently posted a new thread in the forum outlining the new community project. Basically, the project is open to anyone who is a member of the forum and anyone is able to contribute to the project. Even if you don\'t know squat about Blender, you can still post comments and suggestions on where you think the project should go.

Due to the epic failure of the previous community project, we decided to change how out project would be run. Rather than assigning tasks, we\'ve decided to leave every aspect of the project open for anyone to do at any time. For more information about how that works, you can check out the official thread in the forum. That thread has answers to a few anticipated questions you may have as well any official files for the project.

Currently, our goals include the creation of a high quality render of a Scifi/fantasy city. As I type this, we have yet to add anything, so every aspect of the project is open for anyone to do and we are hoping many people will be able to help out. And of course, everyone who is a part of the project will be properly credited for contributing.

With that said, I hope to see you in the forums!

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