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New Tutorial Format, Updated Blender Tutorial

Blender 3d article

In the world of Blender tutorials, people can choose between reading a text tutorial or watching a video. My tutorials have always been written tutorials for various reasons. On the other hand, most people would rather watch video tutorials, which is obvious considering how rare it is to see anyone making written tutorials any more.

There was a stint where I did make video tutorials, way back in late \'08. I also considered going back to doing them. However, I am a terrible narrator. I am monotonous and boring and I have to follow a script or I blank out and have to chop up the video afterwards to cut out the long awkward silences. Stage fright, I guess. In any case, it\'s more work than I want to do for a video that I cannot update easily when I find out I did something stupid.

So, people love video tutorials, I can\'t make good ones. The solution? A fresh tutorial! With a new format! I just updated the Cloud Tutorial to have the new format of future tutorials. I would loooove feedback, suggestions, or ideas about it. It\'s a concept, it\'s not perfect, but I\'d like to think it\'s an improvement.

In the end, my goals were to allow people to easily see how far along they are, to not have tons of text to read through, and I wanted the ability to be able to update the tutorial easily when it goes out of date. I think I have accomplished all three.

Anyways, I\'ll let you guys check it out and evaluate it for yourselves. Future additions include a comment/suggestion box and maybe some other things you guys come up with to help improve it. See it here: Cloud Tutorial

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  •  irascibleone / 2561 / AAA
    With the fresh new site, the new format has sort of - disappeared. However, I do have an updated version in the works. All the info is still available, just not in the compact, step-by-step format that this article was all about showing. Will have an update when this format makes a comeback.
  •  anonymous / 39 / rookie
    haha, That site I was talking about was yours~!
    I sent you an email on 8-20-09 as to how much I liked the way you did it.
    GREAT JOB again~!
  •  anonymous / 39 / rookie
    Way back when I first started using blender (early 4x) I think, I was overwhelmed by a lot of "written" talk that I didn't need. Some time afterwards, (still a long time ago) I came across a site to where the author used statistically placed color codes throughout the written tut. Ironically, I was just thinking out of frustration of the exact same thing.
    I had stopped using blender for quite awhile after that. Then the interface change. I fell so far behind. But now I'm getting back into it. I have a ge project I been working on forever & a day. So I'm looking for help~! Written or video.
    As you say, videos become boring. I can't sit & watch fumble. Get to the meat~! haha
  •  anonymous / 39 / rookie
    simple, good and faster than seeing a video tutorial.
    i was thinking about a way to mix text and video in a tutorial, your tutorial could be a solution
    would be interesting an explanation/tutorial on how you did it
  •  anonymous / 39 / rookie
    Looks good! Maybe a little more space for the frame? otherwise is perfect!
  •  anonymous / 39 / rookie
    mm, nice. it is easy to browse indeed. IMHO I guess you could double the height of the frame, though.