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Dark Scarab 6!

Blender 3d article

Over the last few months, I've felt like the site was pretty slow and chunky and the forum and main part of the site didn't match and it just wasn't working like I thought it should.

So, I bring DS Version 6! The site is now dark! And it should be faster! I shed a lot of weight and cut back on a few things that seemed to be dragging the site down. Also, I tried to make the site a bit more flexible and work a better on mobile devices. I don't have a smartphone to test the site on, so, I can only hope you smartphone users have it better at this point.

Registered users have a fixed up DS Panel and are now able to post in the gallery, tutorials, and models. The last DS Panel was pretty beat up, so I'm hoping that will be a nice refresher for all you registered members.

Other than that, I hope you like the new DS!

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