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Big Renovations

Blender 3d article

Over this past week there have been quite a few changes at DS. I've been working quite hard to clean things up, make the site more navigable, and just plain better to use. I also have a couple of awesome members who have really stepped up to help get the site back in action. Here's a quick rundown of the updates that have happened this last week.

Social Media

In the past, you could follow Dark Scarab on Facebook, Twitter, or with the RSS Feed. Now we have more ways for you to keep up to date with the site:

Forum Reorganization

The forum has been completely reorganzed to help reflect the new focus of the site. More emphasis on Blender and related topics and less on computers and other unrelated topics. It should also make it much easier to find what you are looking for and to know where to post your questions or your artwork.

Another change that has been made in the forum is the inclusion of two new moderators! This should help DS stay on track as the membership and activity on the site grows. Go say hello to Brektzar and Renix!

Another small update is the inclusion of 'Liking' posts people have made. You can see all the links for that on the bottom right corner of each post.

Tutorials and Models Section

Beyond the overhaul that the resources section underwent a few weeks ago, there are also more subtle changes. For instance, now there is a filtering and sorting feature and a ribbon to show you new or updated tutorials.

Also, all tutorials are going to follow the same step by step format from here on out. This means that the tutorial submission form in the DS Panel (for members) is going to be updated to reflect those changes. If you want to know more about this format, you can find more info in the forum in the Dark Scarab Tutorial Guide.

Community Projects

Despite so much getting done, other things are just getting started. For instance, we have a new community project where anyone can join in a be a part of a story building and rendering project. Check it out in the forum for more details.

Blog Articles

I plan on continuing to post these updates on Fridays to keep everyone updated on what is going on with the site. There may be occasional guest articles as well, so be sure to keep an eye out for those!

Finally, if you want to be a part of anything on the site, including future changes, just join us in the forum! A lot has been done, but there is definitely a lot more to come!

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  •  renix / 144 / rookie+
    Don't forget the tumblr, which I'm working on progressively to showcase some of the finer Blender artworks.