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Renovations Continue

Blender 3d article

There are plenty more updates to the site this week, many improvements overall. Just like last week, I'll run down the list of everything that has been changed.


Since the blog will be used more regularly, I've decided to give it a make over. Now there is easy access to past articles on the main blog page and the article page has been cleaned up a bit. I also made sure that the blog pages will work on a wide array of screen sizes, to improve the experience for everyone.


Changes to the link page have been made so that categories of links are easier to navigate to. Instead of scrolling through the categories you don't want to get what you are looking for, now you can just slide open the category you need and see only the sites you are interested in.


The gallery also received a bit of attention. The images used to be quite small when you clicked on them and there was no easy way to see the full image. Now when you click on a thumbnail, the selected image is much larger than before and you can also click on the large image to see an even larger view. Another minor change has been to the thumbnail images themselves, in that they match better with the rest of the site now.


Improving the footer goes along with the loss of the sidebar on some pages. I've shifted the social media links into the footer and added some quick links to areas of interest on the site.


One more change is a step in speeding up the site. In this case, I have taken the images in a few tutorials and cropped and compressed them so they are much smaller in size. This should help speed up the loading time of some tutorials. The techniques used here are going to be used in future tutorials in order to ensure the DS loads quickly.

Those are all of the changes for this week! If you have any comments or suggestions for improving the site in any way, feel free to say so below.

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