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Imantu and Updating Tutorials

Blender 3d article

With most of the updates to the site complete, there are not quite as many new changes to report this week. However, there are still plenty of things going on.


If you don't know, Imantu has been a sister site to Dark Scarab. Over the years, however, Dark Scarab has been morphing to something completely different than it's original intention back in 2008. This meant having to change the course of Imantu as well.

This matters to DS because all the tutorials on Imantu have been removed and anyone attempting to visit a tutorial on Imantu will be forwarded to the equivalent tutorial on DS instead. This means if you were landed on Dark Scarab when you tried to visit Imantu, that is why. Imantu will no longer have any tutorials for the forseeable future.

On a related note, Imantu has just been completely overhauled. The focus is now totally on digital artwork and keeping extraneous features to a minimum. If you want to check it out, you can find it a

Updating Tutorials

I have been slowly updating old tutorials to the new step by step format, so now with site renovations mostly out of the way, I am back to getting some of the outdated tutorials updated. Right now I am working on replacing the game engine tutorials. My hope is to have a series of game engine tutorials that are a much higher quality, possibly resulting in a open game of sorts. I don't have a time on when they will come out, but I will be sure to keep you updated.

Outside of that, there may be a couple of minor changes to the site this upcoming week. I still want to change the home page so it is more useful and make a few other minor changes to other places around the site.

Like always, any comments, suggestions, or ideas are always appreciated! If you want to contact me directly, you can always find me in the forum!

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