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Contests and Home Page

Blender 3d article

There are a couple of new things to announce this week, both closely related to each other. The first is the refreshed home page of the site as well as monthly contests for people to participate in.

Home Page

The home page used to be a mashup of the different parts of the site. There was a list of gallery items and a list of recent items posted on the site. Now the home page has been updated to show recent items and to make it clear what the site is about. I've set up a snazzy scrolling effect and have a few large images that you can view in the gaps between the content.


Those images in the background of the home page is where the monthly contest comes in. Each month we will host an open ended contest in the forum. At the end of the month, there will be some voting for a week and the top two images will but put onto the front page of the site. You will also be recognized in a blog post on DS as well as announcements across various Dark Scarab social media accounts.

If nothing else, consider it a good opportunity to get some attention. Other than that, the contest is for fun and an opportunity for you to improve your Blender skills.

You can find more details about the contest and how to enter in the forum: DS Contest - September 2013

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