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New Tutorial, Contest and Project Updates

Blender 3d article

With the vast majority of the site updated, the number of changes to the site has died down a bit. However, there is still plenty going on around the site.

New Tutorial

As you may already know, I recently updated one of the old game engine tutorials. The new tutorial goes over first person movement. I plan on updating the remaining game engine tutorials and will hopefully have some new ones to go with it. For now, the new game engine tutorials will use the game logic bricks. If there is demand for it, I could do Python versions in future.

Community Project

We are also continuing work on a community project in the forum. We've got a few paragraphs complete and still need more people to jump on board and help us out! If you want to be a part of our project and shape the scenes that we will be creating, you can join our project.

Contest Continued

Our monthly contest continues! If you want to be on the front page of the site and gain some publicity, you can enter the first monthly contest for a really good chance at winning.

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