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Recommendations and Related Tutorials

Blender 3d article

As you may know, this week's updates include the Animation in the Game Engine tutorial that was announced in the (late) update on Monday. Another update concerns all of the Blender tutorials on DS. You can see these changes below every tutorial on the site.

The first change involves the comments. Previous updates to related portions of the site caused the comments section look messy and out of alignment with the rest of the site. I decided to realign everything and make it a little cleaner than it was before. No more, no less.

On top of the cleanup, I have added two additional sections that give people more to do after they are done using a tutorial: Related tutorials and recommendations. Just as it sounds, related tutorials are simply a few tutorials on DS that have similar topics. So, if you are reading a game engine tutorial, this new section may list a few other game engine tutorials in case you are interested in reading those as well.

The recommendations section is similar. However, these are links to other places on the web that provide more information on the topics covered. As of now, this includes links to relevant Blender Documentation on most of the tutorials. In the future, my hope is that this section will also include links to similar tutorials written by other Blender users, articles written on relevant topics, and educational material involving the topics at hand. My goal here is to help cut down on all the searching Blender users have to go through to find information on specific topics they are looking for.

If you would like to help add to the recommendations, then all you need to do is go to the recommendations section on a tutorial page and submit relevant links in the form. For instance, if I have an Ocean Tutorial and you know of other ocean tutorials (I know there are a handful out there), then submitting links to those other tutorials could be helpful to future readers.

That is all for this week! Also, don't forget, we are still working on the Story Project in the forum and the home page contest still needs some entrants! Don't let the Unicorn on the home page stay there forever!

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