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Game Engine Tutorial, Site Speed

Blender 3d article

This week saw quite a few new tutorials get added to the site! It's clear that the game engine has become the most popular topic on DS. One tutorial was posted on Monday, goes over Sounds in the Blender Game Engine and four video tutorials focusing on the game engine were added by DJM. His tutorials include the topics of Rigging and Animation, Movement and Camera Parenting, Level Creation, and Falling, Collision, and Properties in the game engine.

Other updates include some changes to various parts of the site to help speed loading times. There is still some work to do, but some of the changes I have made have drastically improved the speed of some pages of the site.

Specifically, the sharing links were changed to a new temporary format. I was using AddThis, however it was really dragging the site down. I still need to update this in the blog section of the site, but that may have to wait until I create a more long term solution. For now, there's just a couple links, but I should to have a better solution with more options sometime soon.

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