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Tutorials and Performance

Blender 3d article

It has been quite some time since the last update, but that does not mean I have been doing nothing! There has been progress with upcoming tutorials and I have made tweaks to the website to improve the experience.


Most of you are probably most interested in future tutorials, so I will start there. I have not been able to make a lot of progress in upcoming tutorials as of late. I did find time to improve tutorial introductions and titles, which will be seen on future tutorials. Those changes are simply to help people know what they will get when they start a tutorial.

As for upcoming tutorials, I do plan on finishing updates to any remaining game engine tutorials first. This will include picking up weapons and shooting them. Once those are done, I will have a low-poly gun that I will share as well. Beyond that, I have a couple other tutorials I need to update and then I can focus on brand new tutorials.

Site Improvements

I have also been working on ways to improve the site itself. Lately, this has meant performance, usability, and other small improvements around the site.

The latest feature is a new header for the site. The style is nearly identical, however, the new header is much more touch friendly and works better on smaller screens (make your browser window skinny to see it in action!). This is part of a push to try to make the site work better on more devices. Changes will be made to other parts of the site to help make this better.

Another feature I silently implemented a few weeks ago is an auto scroll feature. This means when you scroll down far enough on a page, it will automatically load the next 'page' of tutorials. Right now, it is only implemented on the tutorials and models page, but will be added to other pages soon.

What's Next?

As mentioned above, I will be working on finishing up a couple of game engine tutorials and making sure all the tutorials are up to date. I may make a brand new tutorial at some point as well.

Future work on the site itself is mainly focused on making small updates to parts of the site so they work better on more devices. I have plans for performance improvements as well. Farther in the future, there will be a 3D model viewer implemented on the site and a possible shift to more members only content.

Finally, if you want to help decide what happens for the future of DS, join us in the forum! New features, ideas, and tutorial suggestions are always welcome!

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