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Reputation, Likes, and Flattr

Blender 3d article

As of now, people who create an account on Dark Scarab can gain followers through links to their social media accounts, earn reputation points, and earn money through Flattr when posting tutorials, models, or images in the gallery on Dark Scarab.

In the past, submitting content to Dark Scarab was mainly driven out of the desire to give back to the community and help others. However, as of late I have been wanting to allow people to get something in return for their work.

To do this, I decided to make it easier for people to find and follow content creators outside of Dark Scarab and to allow creators to be rewarded for their work. Doing this meant redesigning the title area that you can find with tutorials, models, and articles.

The first addition includes the ability for creators to display links to their social media accounts along with their works. Any social media links creators add to their account will be included with any content posted on Dark Scarab. That makes it easier for readers to find the creators they like and allows creators to gain a following.

The next addition involves the integration of Flattr. With Flattr, any member who creates content and links their Flattr account to Dark Scarab (with just your Flattr username) will be able to make money from people who Flattr their work. The more popular a creator is, the more money they will earn.

Finally, there is going to be a new reputation system. While there is still a bit of a discussion surrounding how points will be rewarded, a core feature supporting this is the new 'like' feature. For any content on Dark Scarab, members can now show the creator appreciation by clicking on the heart (♡) symbol. Each of these likes will factor into the creator's reputation score.

These additions are the first step in supporting tutorial creators, modelers who share their work, and artists who post their renders. If you want to be a part of it, just register in the forums and start sharing your work!

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