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DS7 and Leaderboards - Weekly Update

Blender 3d article

Since Dark Scarab has seen some more activity recently and I have been doing some work on the site itself, I thought it would be good to start the weekly updates again! There is quite a bit to talk about in this one, so I'll get right to it!

Dark Scarab 7

I am currently working on updating the entire site. Much of the work is being done on the back end, but many of the changes will be more visible. For instance, I am putting more emphasis on supporting all of you!

The most significant change, starting now, is a new mantra I am following. If you support Dark Scarab, Dark Scarab will support you. This means, for instance, if you upload something onto the site, Dark Scarab will try to share your works through social media accounts or through these weekly updates. This also means I will try to reshare or retweet posts on social media sites that support DS in some way. I can't promise this will happen for everything everyone loads onto the site, but I will try my best to at least support the best works.

Another change for all of you is the creation of leaderboards. The existing reputation point system is not very visible and it is hard to know what a high score really is. A brand new leaderboard page will show the people who have contributed the most to the site in various ways and allow everyone to quickly see the people they might want to follow. The more you support Dark Scarab the higher up on the leaderboard you'll be and the more visible you become.

Works of the Week

Starting with this update, I am going to start a segment where I highlight some of the best works added to Dark Scarab that may not have been shared earlier in the week. Again, this is to try to support the people who support this site. So, here we go!

New additions to the gallery include Slavery of Africa and some Tron inspired Turrets By DJM.

Ashraful Ferdous shared a cycles render of some clouds and generously included the blend file to go with it.

Next week I'll have more info on future changes to the site and hopefully some more great works by our members!

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