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Reputation and Ranking

Blender 3d article

Reputation Points and Rank

This week I am going to dig into the future of reputation points and rank on DS.

Your placement on the leaderboard depends on your reputation points. Reputation points are calculated based on the number of works you've posted on the site, the number or comments you've made, the number of likes you've received, and so on. Some very basic calculations are made and you get your overall reputation score.

The main leaderboard will show your rank for your overall reputation score, but there will also be leaderboards specifically for creators and voices. For creators, your score is based solely on the works you've posted on the site. For voices, your score is based on the comments and forum posts you've made. On top of this, you will be able to see the all-time leaders or leaders for the current year or month. All these boards help give people a better chance at placing highly in various categories.

Then there are the ranks. When you get a certain amount of points, you will rise in rank on the site. For instance, there could be a Rookie rank for fairly new members to the site and then the Pro rank for people who have many points. The specifics are still not set, but you can join in and follow the discussion about Reputation and Ranks in the forum. 

Finally, if you want to be a part of the general discussion about future changes to the site and see screenshots of the future design, go to the general Dark Scarab 7 Discussion in the forum. I am truly open to suggestions and ideas about what you think about the future of the site!

Works of the Week

Blue Bubbles

DJM has been showing off renders of many wallpapers he has created.

Also, a new ship cannon model was uploaded to the site earlier this week.

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