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Browsing In the Future

Blender 3d article


In previous updates, I have talked about some changes that are coming to the site in the future. This included information about leaderboards, ranking, points, and reputation. This time I am going to be talking a bit about browsing through works uploaded to the site.

If you look in the header of the site right now, you can see that sections of the site are split up based on the content type. If you want to browse through tutorials, you have to go to the tutorials section. However, if you take a look at the screenshot above, you'll see that things are a bit different.

Replacing each work type in the header is now a single section, Browse. On the Browse page you can see everything uploaded onto the site or with the use of the filtering options in the sidebar you can see certain types of content. There is also the ability to sort the results by popularity or by the date the work was created. Finally, as you can see in the screenshot, there is a bit more information about the popularity of a work when you hover over a work.

A new feature will be the ability to browse through people. This technically already exists, but only within the forum. Browsing through people here will allow new members and popular members to be found very easily. Combined with the leaderboard, this will reward people who contribute to the site the most with some extra visibility.

That is just a quick run through on browsing through the site. Some things will undoubtedly be added, changed, and updated before it goes live (the coloring and some styling has already changed!), but you do have a general idea of what is happening now. Any ideas, comments, or suggestions are always appreciated though!

Works of the Week

A new DS member by the name of Raad184 uploaded an IPhone 5S model.

A tutorial covering wireframe renders was posted late last week as well.

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