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Dark Scarab 7

Blender 3d article

I am very pleased to be able to say that the newest version of Dark Scarab is now live! Needless to say, quite a bit has changed! Because of that, I have put together this quick guide on all the new features and upgrades I have made to the site. Hit the next button below to get started.

The Newsletter

With the addition of the Dark Scarab newsletter, you can now get updates right in your inbox. Each newsletter will include some of the most popular works and articles people have shared on Dark Scarab. I will also include any updates or announcements I have made concerning the site itself.

At most, I will be sending out a newletter once per week. I have not picked a day yet (maybe Fridays?). If you want to sign up, you can do so in the footer from anywhere on the site.

Likes and Fans

You can now like more things throughout the site. Whether is a forum post, comment, or a series, you can like it. What if you like a person? Then you can become a fan. Not only does becoming someone's fan award them a few points, but it also allows you to stay up to date with their works.

Another new feature concerning likes and becoming a fan is notifications. Notifications are in the top right of the home page and include alerts to new uploaded series (a tutorial/model/gallery/etc) by people you are a fan of, comments on any of your series, replies to your threads in the forum, and any likes and fans you have received in the past week.

Leaderboards and Rank

The leaderboards were made to reward the people who contribute the most to Dark Scarab. Right now, I have included boards for your total score, creator score (uploaded works), and voice score (comments and forum posts). I'll be sharing more specifics on how these are calculated in the future.

Everyone's rank is determined by how many points have been earned. The more points, the higher the rank. If you want more specifics on this, check out my forum post about repuation and ranks. That page includes how many points you earn for different things you do on the site, the rank system and points needed to reach certain ranks, and a smidge of info on what the ranks are modeled on.

Home Page and Browsing

If you have been following the progress of DS7 in the forum, then you already know that I thought the old home page was a little less than useful. One of my goals was to fix that. With the addition of notifications, the current overall leaderboard, and a list of recently popular works, the home page is much better at keeping you up to date.

Browsing the site also got a bit of an update. If you were looking for something in the past, you had to find the corresponding section of the site beforehand. Now everything is in one place. Once there, you simply use the filters in the sidebar to focus on what you need.

The Future

Even with all these updates, there are upcoming changes to look forward to. The most prominent will be profiles. The existing profiles are designed for the forum and do not take into account works uploaded to the site. New profiles will include both and make some current features a little more useful.

The community feed aggregator does not exist at the moment, however, I do plan on getting that back up soon. I will be updating the sites included (adding new ones, removing dead ones) and looking into any new features that might be fun to have.

Other than that, I will be fixing some minor issues I've already noticed and making tweaks around the site. If you have any ideas, suggestions, or comments on any of these changes or future changes, I would really appreciate it!

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