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Making a simple alien head

Blender 3d tutorial

Making a simple alien head in blender!

This is my first tutorial EVER so don't be too harsh on me ;) but please do tell me where I need to improve!

If you choose to so this tutorial pleas leave a comment. I would also very much like to see how it turned out for you so drop a link or send me a link to a render of what you did if you want to :)

It is aimed at those with basic skill in blender, this will teach a few things such as extrude and loop cut tool.

Shortcuts used and tools used
CTRL+R = loopcut tool
E = extrude
1 = front view, 3 = side view I start the tutorial in front view
G = move faces edges vertices etc, use G+X, Y or Z to move along a specific axis.
x = delete
Another thing you might want to know is SHIFT+E = control subsurf, makes edges that are subsurfed either hard or soft.

To view the images in their original size, right click and choose show image.

Start by opening blender and deleting the default cube. Now add a plane and go into edit mode, in edit mode drag the 2 closest vertices upwards so that the plane is vertical.


Use the loopcut tool(CTRL+R) to add a new loopcut horizontally on the plane and choose the two vertices at the top again. Now drag them backwards a little bit.

fig 2FIG 2

Extrude them two times as shown in figure 3

fig3FIG 3

Add 3 diagonal loopcuts in the center of the plane as shown in figure 4

fig 4FIG 4

Drag furthest loop on right side vertically to the right, then do the same with the second furthest loop.and then add a mirror modifier

fig 5 FIG 5

Press A until everything is selected in edit mode, drag everything to the right so the edges of the mirror and the original almost meet.

fig 6FIG 6

Now press do clipping on the mirror modifier and drag everything to the right again so that the two edges merge with each other.

Now choose the loop on the right edge of the object and extrude it to the right a little bit, then rotate it along the Y axis and extrude again but on the Z axis just a little.

fig 7FIG 7

Now that you have that done go to the mirror modifier and press the Z button (it adds a mirror on the Z axis as well) and do as you did in figure 6 but on the Z axis(Z axis is up and down) and then edit your mesh until it looks like the shape of an eye. it doesn't have to be exactly as an eye just similar.

fig 8FIG 8

now choose the back edge loop an extrude it a little bit back the scale it and correct the shape after you have done so.

fig 9FIG 9

fig 10FIG 10

Choose the back edge again and extrude it twice backwards and scale the first up and the second down to get a ball shape. And correct the shape again afterwards.

fig 11FIG 11

Now add a loopcut next to the middle edge loop.

fig 12FIG 12

correct the shape a little and then choose the 8 vertices in middle bottom of the mesh(4 on bottom of the middle edge and 4 on the bottom of the edge you created just now) drag them down and make sure no vertices intersect.

fig 13FIG 13

When you have done so, delete the faces of those vertices by clicking X and choosing faces(or press delete and choose faces)

Now go down to the mirror modifier and click the X button so it doesnt mirror on the X axis anymore. and then apply it.

fig 14FIG 14

Make a new modifier for the X axis. Now choose the vertices you think fits to make a nose out of, drag them out and make sure the shape is still pretty clean. Of those vertices for the nose, choose the 4 bottom ones and extrude and scale them. You should now have something similar to figure 15,

fig 16FIG 15

delete the edge that is highlighted in the image(its just 2 vertices) and then choose the vertex that created that edge along with the two vertices of the new face you just created. drag them towards the middle on the X axis.

fig 16FIG 16

Extrude the face highlighted in figure 17 inwards to create the mouth of the alien.(i forgot to take a new screenshot there so I painted over it, the face should be as the red line is, or similar to that)

fig 17FIG 17

To create the nose choose the face highlighted in figure 18 and extrude.

fig 18FIG 18

Now you are ready for the eye.
Just add a UV sphere mirror it on the X axis, then rotate along the X axis 90 degrees and set smooth.

fig 19FIG 19

Make a new 3d view window and set it to side view and place the eye in a good position, check in both side and front view so that it looks ok.

fig 20FIG 20

Ok now thats it, you have made a simple alien head (don't forget the back part its still not filled :P)

Add a material and render it too see how it looks...Hope you learned at least a little and thank you for reading!

Final render with simple materials


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