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How to use the spin tool in blender 3D(2.49b)

Blender 3d tutorial

Using the spin tool in Blender 3D

I start the tutorial in front view.

First off, in this tutorial you will only be modeling a little part of the whole mesh, one edgeloop only. So you have to make sure you don't extrude on the Y axis(if you start in front view) you can be sure by pressing E + X or Z, that makes it stay on one axis, but if you do that you can only move it on one axis. So another way is to press E + SHIFT-Y that makes Z and X axis the axis you extrude on, the Y axis wont be a problem if you do it like that.

If you choose to so this tutorial pleas leave a comment. I would also very much like to see how it turned out for you so drop a link or send me a link to a render of what you did if you want to :)

To view the images in their original size, right click and choose show image.

Start by opening blender and going into edit mode with the default cube.

Delete 7of the 8 vertices of the cube.


There should now only be one vertex left, extrude it several times to make up a shape of what you wanna make.


Now go to top view and change the spin settings:

Set the degrees to 360 and the steps to ten.


Now click spin(in edit mode AND in top view), you should have a glass(or whatever you choose to do)

in edit mode select every vertex(press A until all is selected)

and press W then choose remove doubles.


Now your glass is complete, almost, if you did it like i did you will have an edge going down through the leg of the glass, remove it and then subsurf the glass and your done.


Good luck with your modeling and thanks for reading!

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