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How to use the spin dup(duplicate) tool(2.49b)

Blender 3d tutorial

If you choose to so this tutorial please leave a comment. I would also very much like to see how it turned out for you so drop a link or send me a link to a render of what you did if you want to :)

I am sorry if theres something not explained enough, I was in a rush when I made it. If theres anything you need help with send me a PM or comment here.

To view the images in their original size, right click and choose show image.

Ok, lets start by deleting the default cube, then add a cylinder and rotate it along the X axis 90 degrees.

FIG 1fig1

Now add a cube and drag it to the end of the cylinder( the end that is facing the front) and scale it so it looks like in figure 2

fig 2FIG 2

Now go down to the spin and spin dup settings and change the degrees to 330, the steps to eleven and the turns to 1.

fig 3FIG 3

Now you can press spin dup, this will copy the mesh 11 times in a circle.

fig4FIG 4

You will now have something that looks like a clock, so just add the pointers and materials and youre done.

You can make something like this:

fig 5FIG 5

Or this:

fig6FIG 6

And if you put some time into the materials and the model, you can make a realistic clock or something else without too much work.

Thank you for reading, please leave a comment :)

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