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Making a nice background in GIMP

Blender 3d tutorial

If you choose to so this tutorial please leave a comment. I would also very much like to see how it turned out for you so drop a link or send me a link to an image of what you did if you want to :)

To view the images in their original size, right click and choose show image.

I made my image with 1920x1080 dimensions

Ok, start gimp and make the background black (using the fill tool, unless it's already black)


Now press filters>render>nature>flame

fig2FIG 2

Press the edit button inside the flame filter, then choose random in the dropdown box of different flame types. Then press the button random until you find a flame you like, then choose it and press ok.

fig3FIG 3

fig4FIG 4

Now create a new layer and use the gradient tool, choose the gradient that looks like a rainbow.




Now with the gradient tool, drag a straight line across the whole image(hold CTRL to keep the line straight)


Above the layers there is a button called "mode", click it and choose overlay.

fig9FIG 9

And now you're done! You can work some more on it if you wish but this should be enough for a nice effect.

Please leave a comment and rate this tutorial.

If you wish you can download the XCF file and see if you can learn anything from it.

Heres the image I made during the tutorial.


Thank you for reading!

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